Screenplays & Teleplays



(Feature script)

Logline: A drama about identity, empowerment, and belonging set against the backdrop of the Deaf President Now movement at Gallaudet University, the world’s only liberal arts university for the deaf and hard of hearing. Based on a true story.


Top 15% (out of 6,915 entries), 2016 Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting


(Feature script)

Logline: After a tragedy, a teenager in foster care must fight to protect her late foster mother’s young daughter.


Semi-Finalist, Seattle International Film Festival Catalyst Screenplay Competition (will have a live reading April 19, 2017)

Silver Award/2nd Place (Drama), Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest 2015

Top 3, New Hampshire Film Festival 2015

Quarterfinalist, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

Quarter-Finalist, ScreenCraft Bahamas Screenwriters Residency Program 2015


(One-hour television pilot)

Logline: COLOR OF LAW is one-hour FBI procedural with serialized elements about the Civil Rights Squad, which investigates contemporary hate crimes, “color of law” abuses by public officials, and crimes against society’s most vulnerable (such as prostitutes, victims of human trafficking, individuals abused by police, etc.). The squad also investigates historical murders from the Civil Rights era in accordance with the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act of 2007. These are cold cases where the clock is ticking to bring the killers to justice and bring closure to broken families.


(One-hour Pilot)

Logline: This is a 60-minute drama about the personal and professional lives of a group of public defenders working in the Los Angeles juvenile court system, where they work with a heavy caseload of marginalized children caught up in a broken system. The themes of the show include redemption, wrestling with one’s past and one’s future, identity, injustice versus justice, and the question of what we owe America’s most vulnerable children.


THE FOSTERS: “Looking Back, Looking Forward”

(Spec script of the ABC Family/Freeform hit drama THE FOSTERS)

Logline: In an effort to impress her probation officer, Callie becomes determined to qualify for a citywide photography prize, but her frenetic dedication to her art could actually threaten to derail her plans. Meanwhile, everyone, especially Lena, feels the stress of Career Week at Anchor Beach Community Charter School. Although her life is no longer about day-to-day survival, Callie struggles to think about her long-term goals, but Lena helps her take an important step forward. Stef puts her career on the line to protect one of her children.


Official Finalist, Beverly Hills Screenplay Contest 2015

Finalist, 2015 Spec Scriptacular

Quarterfinalist, Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition

Quarterfinalist, 2015 Aura Screenwriter Awards (Existing Series TV Specs)

Honorable Mention, Acclaim Scripts Spring/Summer 2015 (TV Spec Category)




(Short screenplay)

Logline: An eighteen-year-old homeless youth living in a community of squatters on the edge of society must make a decision about her future. This is made more complicated by her friendship with a younger girl, an idealistic stutterer who could also prove to be an impediment to the older girl’s desire for autonomy.


(Feature script)

Logline: After twelve years of estrangement, a young Deaf woman with a wild streak and her philosophy professor sister are forced to move in with each other following the sudden death of their brother, but cultural differences and their turbulent history make this a transition fraught with tension.


Winner, Diversity and Inclusion Spotlight Award, Fresh Voices Screenwriting Competition; Quarter-finalist (top 20% of over 1,000 entries)

Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition


Cynosure Screenwriting Awards. (“The Cynosure Screenwriting Awards seek to expand the scope of mainstream cinema by recognizing and rewarding feature-length scripts in two distinct categories: screenplays which feature compelling female protagonists; and screenplays that showcase diversity [ethnicity, race, sexuality, disability, etc.].”)


(Short screenplay)

Logline: In rural Vermont, a twelve-year-old girl must wrestle with the idea that her older brother may be planning an act of violence against the community.


Runner-Up, The Stephen Dixon / Outside the Box Motion Pictures Award for Excellence in Screenwriting

See the completed film here:


(Short screenplay)

Logline: A young American takes a volunteer position at a peace and reconciliation retreat center in Northern Ireland in the hopes that it will help her forget the trauma of an abusive relationship that ended with an act of violence.