French Fridays No. 6

This week’s installment of French Fridays is funny.

In French, the word avocat means both lawyer and avocado. This came up yesterday in my Advanced Screenwriting II class for some reason (I guess I must’ve brought it up after some joke.)

The more you know…

French Fridays No. 2

For this week’s installment of French Fridays, the word is piétinement, a noun which has two very interesting meanings:

The first meaning is “stamping, trampling.”

The second meaning is “stagnation, stalling, marking time.”


French Fridays No. 1

Inspired by my Friday afternoon French conversation group at UT, I’m starting a new feature on this blog: French Fridays.

Every Friday, I’ll post a word or phrase en français that I think is interesting. It could be a new word I encountered while attempting to study for the DALF C1, or it could be something I came across randomly or even something I’ve known for a while and just want to share.

As a disclaimer, I am not French but love the French language, and so I am simply sharing that love with my readers here.

This is something (along with its companion feature, Sign Language Saturdays) that I’ve been wanting to do for a while but was hesitating to do, as it seemed outside the scope and theme of this blog. But this blog is as much about language as it is about writing and the arts, and so, without any further hesitation, I have chosen to add this aspect to my blog as we start the new year.

So, without further ado, this week’s French word is époustouflant. It’s an adjective that means “mind-blowing,” “mind-boggling,” or “breathtaking.”

What a word with which to start off the year!

Bonne année !