Interesting Article from 2015 No. 1: “Korean today is virtually two languages and that’s a big problem for North Korean defectors”

There were many articles that I read this past year that I found very interesting. Because I didn’t post about them this past year, I’d like to post about them now. I originally planned to post one from each month, but that proved to be pretty difficult and I found that I wanted to post more than one from certain months!

So, for the next 12 days (roughly corresponding to each month), I’ll be posting an article from the year 2015 that I found interesting. In each post, I’ll include an image; when you click on the image, you’ll be directed to the  article.

So, without further ado, click the image below for the first article:

North Korean South Korean Translator.png

I’ve also included a very sweet and cool video!

Spring Awakening on my Birthday

For my birthday on December 18th, I went to go see SPRING AWAKENING on Broadway. (I have not had time to fully write about in a way that does it justice, but finally found the time to post about it.)  I had been looking forward to seeing the show for many months, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I know I don’t usually write about theatre on this blog, but this is an exception, as the musical is a Broadway revival by Deaf West Theatre, featuring both Deaf and hearing actors and integrating both American Sign Language and English.

Brochure 1

Brochure 2


My boyfriend, Matthew, and I are both Marlee Matlin fans, and so we went to see the show together. Matthew was born deaf and identifies as hard of hearing, as he speaks and hears using a cochlear implant, which he received when he was a little boy. He only knows a little ASL, but he is very interested in deaf history. He is also a screenwriter and graduated from the same program as I am currently attending.



We thoroughly enjoyed the show and were enraptured by the quality of the performances. Marlee Matlin, although she only had a relatively minor role, was phenomenal as usual; I am always blown away by her outstanding use of facial expressions to convey meaning.

Daniel Durant’s performance as the protagonist Moritz was also outstanding, and many critics recognized the quality of his Broadway debut. I know him from his role in ABC Family’s SWITCHED AT BIRTH, and so it was interesting to see him in another mode of expression: the theatre.

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French Fridays No. 2

For this week’s installment of French Fridays, the word is piétinement, a noun which has two very interesting meanings:

The first meaning is “stamping, trampling.”

The second meaning is “stagnation, stalling, marking time.”