ATX TV Fest Opening Night

Tonight marked the Opening Night of the ATX TV Fest. So excited to see great panels (especially RECTIFY and THE FOSTERS!) I’ll give a super-quick recap of the night. 

Kicked off the night with a premiere screening of the pilot episode of the USA series Complications. Very interesting, much different than I expected. Will try to check out futures episodes, especially since Gretchen apparently has a history with the foster care system, which would be interesting to see how that plays out (that detail was only revealed during the Q&A–it’s always fun to find out “insider info” like that, it always makes me feel like a bit of a big shot haha). The first episode was very fast-paced and compelling, as an ER doctor and a nurse find themselves in the midst of a gang war.

Here are some pics from the Q&A:


Afterwards, it didn’t seem like there was an after party, so even though we were ramped up and ready to network, no opportunity presented itself. But we did manage to enjoy a gorgeous view of the State Theatre.


 It’s one of those moments when you look around and think to yourself, Wow, I’m in the right place. And so with that, I’ll leave you with that image of an Austin summer night.

Stay tuned for more on the ATX TV Fest (including my reaction to THE FOSTERS panel, which will include a screening of the Season 3 premiere before it even airs!)

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