Highlights from my first month of grad school

It’s been over a month since I moved to Austin to attend graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin. There have been a ton of fun times and new experiences. Here are just a few highlights off of the top of the my head…

1. Welcome to Texas Event. (Half convocation, half pep rally. A gathering unlike any other complete with a huge marching band.)

2. Meeting new friends, classmates, and professors

3. Enjoying Bat City, USA at the Austin Bat Fest. Haven’t actually seen any bats yet, though. That may be OK with me.

4. New classes! Deepening my knowledge of screenplay structure. Finally putting a term (neoformalistic analysis) to what I had been doing as a film studies major. Learning about the rise and fall of Miramax, and the difference between “independent” and “indie” film.

5. After hearing about how awesome the Alamo Drafthouse is from one of my professors in undergrad, finally getting to go there and enjoy a huge steel bowl of popcorn with real butter while watching The Godfather


6. Hearing Rachel Kushner, author of The Flamethrowers, read.Talking to Rachel Kushner at a post-reading reception at the Michener Center for Writers house.



7. Solidifying my next screenplay idea for the first-year graduate screenwriting seminar. (Hint: there’s a reason I read The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh, have been learning about the awesome organization she founded, and why I’m currently reading To The End of June: The Intimate Life of American Foster Care by Cris Beam.)

8. Enjoying the Live Music Capitol of the World by rocking out at Red 7 with Stars in Stereo, a female-fronted hard rock band I first saw at Rams Head Live! in Baltimore


More highlights to come as I continue on my journey as an MFA in Screenwriting student!

2 thoughts on “Highlights from my first month of grad school

  1. Great post! I didn’t know that there’s a difference between “independent” and “indie” film… I should educate myself.


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